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Our team will help your company to create communication tools in a form of website, animation explainer, social media design, presentation design, and company profile design. We will make sure that your specific message can be received by your target audience to build their awareness and interest to your brand.

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“Studio Dako is the part of Dako Brand and Communication. We have been helping people with their communication media since 2017. We realize that many people need engaging communication media to improve their promotional techniques. Therefore, hopefully you can get your communication media design to deliver your message to the audience. We would love to work with you. Let’s hire us!”

Alfin Fauzi

Design & Visual Strategist

Mario Wicaksono

Digital Strategist & Program Director

Albertin Danis Kirana

Communication Strategist & Partnership

Kyla Fasetia

Marketing Communication

Ruby Kusumawardhani

IT Developer


Join our extensive list of satisfied clients.

We have already handled 50+ clients from various agencies and institutes.

Ellise Betran

"I can honestly say it's one of the best investments I've made for my business. Studio Dako has helped my workflow a lot because I can save my time to prepare other things to build my business."

Jose Santos

“Studio Dako has exceeded all my expectations. The customization options allow me to tailor the product to my specific needs, and the real-time updates keep me informed of all the important things.”

Merzi Marie Ruben

“I was hesitant to entrust my website to Studio Dako at first, but I'm so glad I did. The intuitive and impressive design has saved me countless hours and allowed me to focus on growing my business.”


Get to know everything about creative content, brand communication, tips, hacks, recommendation, and more. We will also share all of our experiences with you. Check it out!

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Dako Brand & Communication is team that focuses on communicating your message by creating communication media such as explainer video, e-magazine, website, company profile, presentation design etc.

Dako Brand & Communication is located in Malang, East Java, Indonesia. Even if there is a distance between us, we will provide you support and updates by conducting communication and coordination. We will make sure that your specific message can be received by your target audience.

Our service cost start from $10. However, the cost can change depends on the project scope and the timeline. For more information you can check ‘Products’ page.

We provide payment method by using Paypal.

We provide opportunity for you to ask for revisions. We are willing to help you achieve the results you want.

Your project will delivered less than 15  days. However, it also depends on the project scope.

Our main goal is to help you communicate the specific message to your target audiences through eye-catching communication tools. We believe that creative and effective communication tools can deliver the message to be accepted and understood by audiences. So, let’s work together with us to share your brand message!

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