5 Mistakes in Creating an Animated Explainer Video

5 Mistakes in Creating an Animated Explainer Video

Creating an animated explainer video should combine creative ideas, stories, and messages into a cohesive package. If an animated explainer video has been well created, it will give your business great benefits.

Why is an animated explainer video important?
1. Simplify something complicated

If you have difficulty explaining your products or services to the target audience, an animated explainer video is your solution. With animation, you can simply explain complicated content or processes. Your audience will understand your message more easily than if you simply read hundreds of words.

2. Highlight the points effectively

An animated explainer video can make a good first impression on new audiences. Video explainers build a strong first impression by showing your best offer and solution to your audiences. It can build their trust and curiosity. They will decide their action depending on their first impression. There are only two choices for them: find further information about your products or leave it with a boring first impression. Then, the included information should be simple, attractive, and easy to remember.

3. Increase website visitors
What should be avoided when creating an animated explainer video?

Those benefits can be reached if you make a well-designed animated explainer video. You can maximize the benefits by setting a strategy during the production process. There are some trivial things, but they can ruin the benefits of your video.

1. Making the video too long

Only a small percentage of your potential audience will watch your video for more than 30 seconds. 30 seconds is not enough to explain who you are and what you can do for them. You can cover the important information in 2 minutes, but that’s too long for them.

The best duration is between 60 and 90 seconds to explain your products or services for the first time. If the purpose of the video is to introduce a new product, it can be too long. Make sure that the video only presents your new product or service. People will not waste time watching something they are already familiar with. Manage the information you want to share in simple and short sentences. Make sure that the audience can build their imaginations through your video by providing enough information as an introduction. You don’t need to provide a complete explanation in the video because you must build their curiosity about your products or services. As a result, they will search other media to gather information, such as websites and social media platforms.

2. Ignoring a good script

The video script is the first step in a journey. Before starting the journey, it will be much better to have clear goals. It will define your character, scenario, and purpose. While watching your explainer video, people don’t care about how well your product tested in some boring test. They are not interested in the overwhelming process. What they want to know is how your products or services work to make their lives better. When you have a project with anexplainer video maker, it’s important to communicate your concept in your script.

If you don’t prepare the script well, you can’t bring a good storyline to your audience. As a result, people can get the message that you want to convey. The best ways to build a good script are:

  • Present the problem. You have to dig into your potential audience’s problems.
  • Offer your solution. Tell your audience that you have products or services to solve their problem. Focus on the benefits for the audience while they use your products or services.
  • Explain how it works. In addition to the products or services you offer, you can give a brief explanation of how those things can help them.
  • Call to action. It is now time to invite your audience to learn more, verify information, or take whatever action you desire.

A good script will help you process an attractive video. The attractiveness comes not only from the visual look but also from the storyline inside the video. As a result, your potential audience will enjoy watching and following the storyline.

3. Ignoring the video’s quality

People won’t be interested if they watch a low-quality video because it doesn’t show professionalism. Even though the storyline is great, poor drawing and animation quality will break people’s focus.

If an animated video explainer is done properly and in high quality, it can increase brand awareness and visibility. You are trustworthy. It helps you stand out from your competitors. High quality means that the video has great drawing animation, perfect editing, clear sound, a professional voiceover, perfect editing, and attractive color palettes. There are many things to be considered. That’s why there are some services from an explainer video maker that will help you create a high-quality explainer video.

4. There is no specific target audience

If you don’t have a specific target audience in mind, you won’t have a good chance of reaching them. When you talk to everyone, you don’t talk to anyone. You offer a solution by offering products or services to people who need you. You know well who your target audience is. An explainer video is intended to broaden a message for your target audience. Make a connection with them by delivering the message as specifically as possible. Knowing and understanding their pain points. As a result, your target audience will watch and listen because they think they need you.

5. Wrong placement

Some companies believe that animated explainer videos are used to sell their products or services. It’s not 100% wrong. However, an explainer video is mostly for grabbing attention and creating a strong first impression on the audience. People who are interested in your company will proceed to the next stage of your funnel. An animated explainer video has the goal of making people curious. As a result, they will gain further information on your website or through social media to satisfy their curiosity.


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