What is the Dako Brand and Communication?

We work as a team and professionally in creating creative content concepts, digital marketing strategies (digital marketing) and brand activation. We have done a lot of cooperation, especially with government agencies to companies.

In accordance with the name Brand & Communication, Dako itself has a tagline “Communicate You Perfectly” which has the meaning of “delivering the most suitable message for the audience as the main goal”.

First, we are very happy to create content that is packaged creatively and relevant to a campaign or product / service. So that the specific message you want to convey can get into the audience well.

Second, we are also working on making digital marketing strategies (digital marketing). Starting from strategy preparation, content creation, market testing, to digital marketing execution that is needed and agreed upon.

Third, brand activation, which is an activity to activate a brand, the largest percentage is digital and is supported by offline activities. We do this in 2 ways:

Action goals to be achieved:


People know the benefits or the message (raise awareness and interest).


Recommendations, when someone promotes to friends or closest people when they are satisfied with a service.


Still exist.

How We Work

We have a wide range of clients and have different goals. However, in general, the workflow that is carried out is always the same.


Prospective clients contact the contact person.

04 Bid proposal

Submission of offer proposals according to the needs of prospective clients.

02 Company Profile

Dako Brand and Communication provided a company profile.

05 MOU

The offer is agreed, followed by the making of a cooperation agreement.

03 Meeting

Meeting scheduling for both virtual and live presentations.

06 Action

Carry out cooperative activities according to the agreement.

Our Services

Technical Training and Guidance

We help you build an identity. It’s not just about logos and colors, it’s also about how to properly communicate to the audience.

Website Development

We will connect you with millions of people on the internet through various channels of advertising and digital marketing effectively. Starting from the strategy process, ad creation, to analysis of results.

Digital Marketing Strategy

We will help you build a professional digital asset through creating a website that is not only creative in design, but also effective when visited by the audience.



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