Save Your 8-Hour with These 4 Presentation Design Agencies

Save Your 8-Hour with These 4 Presentation Design Agencies

that only uses textual content and some pictures. One of the benefits of having a presentation is that you can combine many types of material, such as pictures, videos, audio, textual, speaking verbally, and non-verbally. The combination of orally speaking and showing other supporting details helps your audience get your message.

However, many people get wrong perceptions or misunderstandings about making presentation slides. They try to create as perfect as they can by providing very complete information on their slides. Unfortunately, they don’t make it better, even worse. How about yours?

Which of these 7 common mistakes have you made?

  • Focus on text
    The most common presentation slide error is having too many words on the slide.If your slide is full of text, your audience will have difficulty understanding your message. If you don’t want your audience to get the wrong information, make sure they easily understand your point. Visualization is more effective than a hundred words. 

  • Clean slides
    Do you know the term “decluttering” in making presentation slides? It means that you throw all the unimportant parts of your slides away. As a result, the slide has a lot of empty space that makes it looks clean but boring. It would be better if you added visualizations that matched the topic. A simple slide is better than a clean slide.
  • Bad color palette
    Another possible mistake is when you are choosing a color palette. Sometimes it takes a very long time and much consideration to choose what color palette is suitable and matches the font and background. So, choose colors that make your audience easily read your words.

  • Put all of the material on the slide
    Once again, a good presentation is not wordy. It would be better if you could just put down the important points of your idea. Too much material on your slide will make your audience become readers. They will not pay attention to your explanation.
  • Excessive background
    You may think that adding a background will make your presentation slides more attractive. It’s not 100% false. However, you have to be careful. It can make your audience find it difficult to read your points.
  • Excessive animation and transition
    Same as background, you also have to be careful in using animation and transition. Using too much or the wrong choice of animation and transition will make people laugh at your slide. If you want to use animation, “Entrance” is better than others because it’s still normal. 
  • 7. Bad choice of font, pictures, and videos
    You have to know what kind of presentation you have. For formal presentations, you can use a standard font, such as Arial or Helvetica. For informal presentations, Sans Serif will be okay. Make sure that the size is visible to your audience from the farthest distance. Furthermore, add high-quality pictures or videos. So that people can see it clearly. It’s one of the points that makes your presentation credible. 

Stop wasting your 8-hour workday on your design! By the way, do you know that according to research, 47% of presenters put more than 8 hours into designing their presentations? Are you included in that percentage? 8 hours is a very long time. Most people have difficulty finding the best template, including color palette, font, background, and content layout for their slides. If you are one of them, you don’t get in a fluster. I have a solution for you.

4 Presentation design agencies to save you 8 hours on presentation design

  1. Dako Brand & Communication
    Dako Brand & Communication is a presentation design agency
    That is located in Malang, East Java, Indonesia. Our team is willing to help you create a customized presentation design. You can get presentation design services at an affordable price, which starts at $10 per slide. With a passionate and creative team, you can get your presentation design done in less than 5 days. You can polish your slide, redesign them, or organize your ideas into great slides. Get more time to prepare for your presentation performance. Let us do the design.
  2. Slidebean
    Slidebean is a presentation design agency that is located in New York. They offer a presentation design that starts at $39 per slide. This agency provides 2 rounds of revisions with every project at no additional cost. You can also request the duration of the design. The additional fee starts at $20 to get the result 1 day earlier.
  3. Fully Decked Up
    Fully Decked Up is a presentation design agency from India. This agency offers 3 kinds of services: presentation packaging, PPT visual makeover, and presentation touch-up. The price and the delivery time depend on the project scope. You have to send your content to make a deal about the time and cost estimate with this agency before you start a project with them. 
  4. Mr. Prezident
    This agency offers a presentation design for your needs. They will provide a budget estimation based on the projected hours needed to finish the storyline, design, and development of your presentation after considering your objectives and the available feedback. They use some presentation software such as PowerPoint, Prezi, Google Slides, Keynote, Shaman, etc.

    Simply, a presentation design agency enables you to share your best work through engaging presentation slides that are customized to your requirements. We will match the design with your presentation purposes. 
    Stop wasting your time struggling with your presentation slides. Leave the design to us!


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