Top Trends in Presentation Design: Insights from Leading Agencies

Illustrations of the old-style design (left picture )and the trendy design (right picture)

Let’s take a look at both pictures above. Hmm… what do you have in mind? If you thought the left design looked old-fashioned and the right one is way better, we are in the same lane. Those pictures are the perfect example of what we will discuss today –  trends in presentation design. 

The left picture was the design style in the 2010s, and you can see that the trend of presentation design has changed by looking at the image on the right side, which is the favorable style these days. Let’s find out more from leading presentation design agencies to know the details about the trending design. 

We will discuss everything from selecting suitable color palettes and typography to incorporating dynamic animations and interactive elements. These trends are revolutionizing the world of presentations, making them more engaging and impactful. Let’s get on!

Vibrant Color Schemes in Presentation Design Agencies

Say goodbye to those old, boring presentations with their dull colors! Nowadays, it’s all about bringing on the color revolution. Leading presentation design agencies are ditching the usual stuff and going for lively, in-your-face color combos that grab attention. Think striking gradients, colors that clash (in a good way!), and smart use of color psychology. The goal? Slides that don’t just look cool but also stick in your mind long after the presentation is over.

Presentation Design Agencies focus on Typography

Stop using Arial and Times New Roman! Well, you can, but not in presentation slides. These days, agencies are getting all adventurous with fonts – different styles, sizes, you name it – to give presentations a real shot of personality. Rather than using basic fonts, like Arial, agencies create custom finds to match the brand’s personality, adding a unique touch to the presentation.

Minimalistic Design

“Less is more” is indeed correct. Rather than throwing all words and images, agencies are all about keeping things simple and clean in presentations. Clean layouts, white space, and concise content are employed to ensure that the audience’s attention remains fixed on the key message. And guess what? It makes things look awesome and helps everyone remember what’s being said. Win-win!

Dynamic Animation

Agencies are carefully incorporating animations that complement the content without overwhelming the viewer. You might wonder, what kind of animation overwhelmed the viewer? Animations that are overly complex, constant, or mismatched with the content are examples that you should avoid. Seamless and subtle slide transitions, like morph and zoom, are currently on trend, adding a dynamic touch without distracting audiences from the content.

Data Visualization

We know how great charts and graphs are to show the data. But what’s next? Static designs are way behind the trend; it is time for a dynamic era. Leading presentation design agencies are using interactive charts and infographics to go beyond. Dynamic visual aids make it easier for the audience and add a fun element.

Incorporation of Real Images

Authentic and high-quality images? Watch out because they are becoming a big deal. Leading presentation design agencies are moving from stock photos to real ones since they can bring out genuine emotions. Why are genuine emotions considered? The trends are all about making it feel personal, so it is critical to design a relatable presentation.

Interactive Elements

Remember the dynamic era that we have discussed in the fifth point? Dynamics also means interactivity. Agencies apply clickable elements, quizzes, and interactive diagrams to keep the audience engaged and involved. By using interactive elements, your presentation will feel like one-way talking things and like actual chats with the audience. Sounds interesting?

Presentation Design Agencies use Storytelling Approach

You won’t believe how fantastic storytelling is! Leading presentation design agencies could be a “leading” agency because they can deliver a good story in their presentation design. So, how can we provide the story in a good way? The important thing is to structure the slides into a compelling and relatable story so we can wake the audience’s emotions and leave a great impact.

To wrap things up, the presentation design trends are changing, which we can see from the leading presentation design agencies. We’re talking about vibrant colors, dynamic animations, and interactive stuff—they are evolving into immersive experiences. Next time you want to design presentation slides, remember to apply these major trends so you can also be in trend. Or why don’t you trust it to the expert? Contact this presentation design agency to build your trendy slides while you can just sit and wait for the fantastic result.

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