Visualize Your Message with an Explainer Video Company

Visualize Your Message with an Explainer Video Company

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What is an animated explainer video?

So, an animated explainer video is a short and informative video that is less than 2 minutes long. It contains information or processes. In business, the purpose of making animated explainer videos is to tell your audience about what you have and how it affects their lives. It is made to explain the process through understandable media. One of the benefits of creating animated explainer videos is that people can easily understand why your products or services are the best solution to their problems. 

What should you put on an explainer video?

  • Headline: The easiest way to start an explainer video is by using questions about their problems. Ask them if they’re tired of suffering or being afraid. Ask them if they would prefer to receive a significant benefit. Ask them if they want to do something.
  • Solve formula: Calm them down by explaining that their problem has a solution. So, they don’t need to worry.
  • Solution: Provide information about what you have to solve their problem. Explain briefly how your products or services will help them solve their problem.
  • 3 reasons to act now: Explain the 3 benefits they can get the most if they buy your products or services.
  • Call to action: The purpose of making an explainer video is to lead people to take the next step. You have to add a call to action to tell them what they have to do after watching the video. It can be to send you a message or visit your website.
  • Animation: Keep in mind that visuals are easily remembered. So, present your message with great and high-quality animation.
Why do you need an animated explainer video?

  1. Attract your audience’s attention
    People don’t have many opportunities to pay attention. People only spend no more than 30 seconds making a decision to continue watching the video or not. In the first 30 seconds, you have to succeed in grabbing your audience’s attention. The only way is to make them curious. Involve their feelings and emotion. Talk about what they want and don’t want. 
  2. Interest and engage them
    If you provide a website page display that contains more than 500 words, your audience reads only 20% of the text. So, you have to make them interested in a very short time. By providing an animated explainer video, the audience can get an idea of who you are and how capable you are of solving their problem quickly. At this stage, you have to stimulate their interest. Give them great animation to make them interested.
  3. Trigger their desire
    Do you prefer watching videos or reading a hundred words? Most of you must prefer to watch videos. The main reasons are that it is simpler and more convenient. Video is easier to remember because people can see, hear, and imagine. By creating animated explainer videos, you can trigger the audience’s desire. If your audience is already at this point, you may be able to persuade them to take action.
  4. Make them buy
    A call to action is needed at this stage. An animated explainer video that shares more feelings and emotions than a text. When people know what they want and need, they will make it a reality faster by watching videos. If they don’t know what they want, an explainer video will give them an idea about what they should do to solve the problem. They will realize that you offer a solution for them. 

How to get your animated explainer video ready in less than 10 days?


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